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Golden Nugget Sportsbook Michigan – Bonus Code For Up To $100

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Disclaimer: Golden Nugget will launch its sportsbook in Michigan soon. This review is speculative based on the Golden Nugget Sportsbook in other US states, and we will update this review once the sportsbook is live.

The Golden Nugget is one of the more famous old-school Las Vegas casinos around, having opened in 1946. But that doesn’t mean it is resting on its laurels and remaining just a brick-and-mortar brand.

Golden Nugget is actually one of the top online casinos in New Jersey and now will be offering online sports betting and casino games in Michigan, as well. Golden Nugget partnered with the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, which owns and operates Ojibwa Casinos in Baraga and Marquette.

In the following piece, we’re looking specifically at what Golden Nugget’s online sportsbook brings to the table in Michigan and whether it’s a sportsbook worthy of your time and, more importantly, money. We’ll walk you through the sign-up process, go over how Golden Nugget’s sign-up bonus offer works, and everything else you need to know about the Michigan sportsbook.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook welcome bonus

Golden Nugget Sportsbook’s current welcome bonus for new customers is for a risk-free bet, in which your money will be refunded up to $100 if your bet loses. Here’s a deeper look at exactly how the promotion works.

All you need to do is follow our links to get your Golden Nugget account created and then just place your first sports bet. If the wager loses, you’ll get your money back in the form of a bet credit up to a maximum of $100.

Only straight wagers (single bets) and live bets are eligible for the offer, so parlays are out. Also, be aware that the offer applies to the first bet that is settled, not the first bet you place. So be cautious if there’s a particular bet you think you might want this bonus to apply to.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook bonus code for Michigan

You don’t need a Golden Nugget promo or bonus code, and technically you don’t even need to make a deposit, but without doing so you wouldn’t have any money to bet with.

Michigan Sportsbook Golden Nugget Sportsbook
Golden Nugget Sportsbook Bonus Code To Be Announced
Exclusive Bonus To Be Announced
Deposit Bonus Initial risk free bet up to $100
Risk-Free Bets on Deposit To Be Announced
Michigan Partner Keweenaw Bay Indian Community

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Michigan promotions

One of the best parts about online sportsbooks is the number of promotions you can expect to receive from them, allowing you to win more money without having to risk more to do so. With that in mind, here’s an overview of different promos that you’ll likely see from Golden Nugget Sportsbook in Michigan.

There’s the $100 risk-free bet promo for first-time bettors. It’s a great offer that allows players to make their first bet with the sportsbook without the fear of losing $100 right out of the gate. It also gives you the option of potentially making a little bit riskier bet in the hopes of a big payday, since your losses are covered up to $100.

Golden Nugget also has daily odds boosts — known as Golden Lines — on various sporting events. Golden Lines give you the chance to win more with increased odds. The only stipulations are that the amount you can wager on them is capped at anywhere from $25-$100, and you’re not able to use the increased odds as part of parlays.

There also are parlay boosts available at Golden Nugget’s online sportsbook. When you create a parlay of three legs or more, the boost kicks in. Three-leg parlays are boosted by 3%, with each addition leg going up by another percent, maxing out at 20%.

You also will see promos combining Golden Nugget’s sportsbook and online casino. They usually have to do with the amount of money you wager in both places, making them more like challenges or missions you may have seen at other sportsbooks.

Is Golden Nugget legal in Michigan?

It is. It was announced in July 2020 that Golden Nugget Online Gaming (GNOG) partnered with Keweenaw Bay Indian Community to run the sportsbook and online casino operations at the Ojibwa Baraga and Ojibwa Marquette casinos.

Both sports betting and online casinos, as well as daily fantasy sports and online poker, were legalized in Michigan in December 2019. The first retail sportsbooks opened in March of the following year, with online sportsbooks going live in Michigan in the latter part of 2020.

It’s interesting to note that while many other companies have chosen to focus on the sports betting market first, GNOG has made it clear it plans to put the primary focus on internet gambling, with its sportsbook product next in line.

How to create a Golden Nugget account in Michigan

In order to create your Golden Nugget Sportsbook account, you’ll want to begin by following these links to download Golden Nugget’s app for your Android or Apple device. You also have the option of going to Golden Nugget’s website to get started.

Once you’ve installed the app on your mobile device or gone to the website, you’ll click the “sign up” button in bright red at the top of the page. You’ll then navigate through three sign-up screens.

In the first you’ll enter your email and create a password. In the next screen you’ll enter your first and last name, your date of birth, gender and the last four digits of your Social Security number. And on the final page, you’ll supply your address and phone number, answer one security question, and enter your bonus code and 24K Select Club number if you have one.

And once you’ve done all that, you will be ready to get down to betting. Also be aware, you can actually sign up for Golden Nugget anywhere, but you’re only able to actually gamble real money if you’re inside Michigan state lines.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook app

First things first, in order to use the Golden Nugget app, you need to get it downloaded, then installed on your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. Simply following our links to get the process started by downloading the Golden Nugget app.

You may be asked if you want to allow the app to be downloaded onto your phone since it’s from what the software views as a third-party source. Select yes. Whether you’re using iOS devices or Android phones (Samsung, Google Pixel, etc.) or tablets (Microsoft Surface, Amazon Fire, etc.), the process is similar throughout. The apps also look and function the same across all devices.

Once you’ve downloaded and then installed the app, you’ll either want to get signed up, which we detailed how to do in the previous section, or sign into your account, which you can do by clicking the “Login” button.

As you’ll discover, if you hadn’t already, Golden Nugget’s app contains both a sportsbook and online casino. To go to the sportsbook, simply select “Sports” from the menu at the top of the screen.

If you’re planning on using both the sportsbook and online casino, it’s nice to have them both in the same app; however, we’ve found that if you only are interested in Golden Nugget Sportsbook, the app can feel a little cluttered with all the casino info and ads throughout.

When you’re in the sportsbook, you are able to easily navigate between different sports, but there was a little bit of lag time when going to sports for the first time. We did not encounter this problem at all on the Golden Nugget website. This is a minor issue, but if you’re rushing to get a bet in, it could become a bigger problem.

Other than those minor issues, the Golden Nugget app is a solid entry into the Michigan sports betting market. And, as we said, if you’re looking to use the online casino, it’s nice to be able to do both in one place.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook features and benefits

Simply by signing up with Golden Nugget, you are eligible for a risk-free bet of up to $100. Keep in mind that the risk-free bet is for your first settled bet, not necessarily the first wager you place.

Parlays are some of the more fun and exciting types of sports bets to make. The fact that Golden Nugget can boost all parlays of three legs or more by anywhere from 3%-20% is a massive benefit. Depending on how much you’re betting, those added percentage points could end up being hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Another great feature is the fact that Golden Nugget is more than just a sportsbook, it’s an online casino as well. If you’re looking to try your hand at online slots, blackjack, poker or any of the other games Golden Nugget Casino has to offer, they’re all just a click away. You don’t have to mess with another app or moving money from one place to another just to make a few bets.

How could Golden Nugget improve?

While we mentioned above how one of the benefits of Golden Nugget is that you have both an online sportsbook and casino together in one app, the way the two are set up can be somewhat of a detriment.

The sportsbook component of both the app and website can feel cluttered at times with ads for various casino games and offerings. We’re not asking for two separate apps; we’d simply like to see the sportsbook and casino portions of the app with little to no crossover between the two.

Another aspect that we could do without would be the sidebar throughout the app. When you first open the Golden Nugget app, it pops up with your feed and blocks most of the screen. Even when it’s closed, it doesn’t go away entirely. If you’re on a computer or tablet, that’s not a major deal, but on smaller screens like a phone that extra space would be nice to have, especially considering the sidebar is a feature you rarely need.

Types of bets available on Golden Nugget Michigan sportsbook

If you’re new to sports betting or just need a little bit of a refresher, we’re here to help. Below is a list of the types of sports bets that are available on the Golden Nugget Michigan sportsbook.

First up, we’ll tackle moneyline bets because they’re the easiest to understand. All you’re doing is selecting the team that you believe will win. It stands to reason that you’ll win less money if you pick a favorite as opposed to an underdog, and the way you can tell which is which is by the number next to the team. A positive number means that team is the underdog, while negative denotes the favorite.

Betting the spread is another very popular form of sports betting. A spread is basically the number of points a team is expected to win by. When betting, if you choose the favorite (again indicated by a negative number) that team must win by greater than the number listed. If you wager on the underdog, it must either win outright or lose by fewer points than the number listed.

Over/under betting is another very common type of sports bet. Also referred to as a total, the goal here is predicting the combined points that will be scored by both teams in a given game. Golden Nugget Sportsbook will supply the number, and your job will be picking whether the actual total will be higher or lower than that, thus you’ll select the over or the under.

Prop bets are up next, and they’re sports wagers that don’t have to do with the specific final score of a game. Instead they’re more concerned with individual events during the game. Examples of prop bets across the four major US sports leagues would be as follows:

  • Who will score the first touchdown of an NFL game?
  • Will a specific player homer during an MLB game?
  • Will a certain player record a triple-double during an NBA game?
  • Will a particular hockey player score a goal during an NHL contest?

Futures betting is slightly different from the other bets we’ve discussed because it doesn’t have to do with one game. Instead futures bets are more about seasons as a whole for teams. Common futures bets are picking eventual league champions, predicting what a team’s regular season record will be or selecting the player you think will win the MVP award during a given season.

And lastly there are parlays. Parlays actually can be a combination of any or all of the wagers discussed above. In parlays, bettors choose multiple bets and weave them into one big bet. To win your parlay, all your individual bets must win, it’s an all-or-nothing wager. The more bets you fold into a parlay, the bigger your payoff would be if you get them all correct, though the tougher the parlay becomes to win.

Sports you can bet on at Golden Nugget in Michigan

Golden Nugget Sportsbook in Michigan has you covered when it comes to the sports you can bet on.

You can bet on all the Tigers and MLB games you want, as well as the Pistons and rest of the NBA, Red Wings and all of the NHL, and the Lions and the other 31 NFL teams.

And that’s not all. At Golden Nugget you can bet on the WNBA, PGA Tour, men’s and women’s tennis (WTA and ATP), UFC and soccer (MLS, EPL, Champions League).

And finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that college football and men’s college basketball are available to bet on, too.

Michigan sports teams you can bet on

We trust that all you native Michiganders don’t need a rundown of all the local pro and Division I college teams that you can bet on at Golden Nugget’s online sportsbook. But for those of you who are new to Michigan or just starting to follow sports now that you can bet on them, we’ve put together a list of the teams from the Wolverine State that you can bet on at Golden Nugget.

The Detroit Lions are one of the older, albeit less successful, franchises in the National Football League. All Lions games, and all other NFL games, can be wagered on at Golden Nugget Sportsbook.

The Detroit Pistons experienced their heyday in the NBA during the late 1980s and had a brief return to success in the early 2000s. You’re able to bet on all their games and those of the other 29 NBA teams.

The Detroit Tigers played their first season in Major League Baseball way back in 1901 and have called Detroit home ever since. All Tigers games, and every MLB game, are available to bet on using the Golden Nugget Sportsbook app.

The Detroit Red Wings are the most successful of Michigan’s major pro sports teams, having won the NHL’s Stanley Cup title 11 times, the most recent coming after the 2007-08 season. Golden Nugget allows betting on all Wings and NHL games in general.

Turning the focus to college sports, and first up we’ve got NCAA football. There are five Division I college football teams you can bet on at Golden Nugget’s retail or online sportsbook.

In the Big Ten Conference there are the Michigan State Spartans and the Michigan Wolverines. While in the Mid-American Conference there are the Central Michigan Chippewas, Western Michigan Broncos and Eastern Michigan Eagles.

When it comes to NCAA men’s basketball, you can bet on any of the five teams mentioned above as well as the Detroit Mercy Titans and Oakland Golden Grizzlies, neither of which has a football team.

Michigan futures betting

Now let’s take a glimpse at the sports betting futures market when it comes to our local Michigan professional and college sports teams at Golden Nugget Sportsbook.

In the NBA you’re able to place futures bets on the Pistons, or any other team, to win the NBA Finals, their conference or just their division. You also can bet on which player you believe will win the MVP award that’s handed out at season’s end.

In the NFL you can place futures bets on the Lions to finally win the Super Bowl. Hey, who cares that we didn’t have sports betting during the first 54 Super Bowls since the Lions weren’t there? You also can pick AFC and NFC winners and division champs. When it comes to individual awards, expect to pick MVP winners and possible stat leaders as well.

In the NHL you’ll have the chance to put money on the Red Wings to win another Stanley Cup title, or maybe just to win their division or to represent the Eastern Conference in the finals. Futures also should be available for both the regular and postseason MVP awards.

In Major League Baseball, Golden Nugget’s futures market will let you bet on the Tigers to win their first World Series since 1984, win the AL pennant or just capture the AL Central Division title. Player futures should include AL and NL MVP award winners and possibly Cy Young winners, too.

As for the amateur circuit, the futures market is a little more lacking. It’s likely that during most years the only college teams from Michigan you’ll be able to place futures bets on will be the Spartans and Wolverines, though you likely will be able to pick them to win the Big Ten in both men’s basketball and football. You also will be able to bet on them to when the NCAA championship in both sports or reach the Final Four in men’s basketball.

How to deposit and cash out on the Golden Nugget app

Your choices for depositing and cashing out at Golden Nugget are about as diverse as you’ll find at any online sportsbook in Michigan.

To deposit money into your Golden Nugget account, you can:

  • Use your Play+ account.
  • Use your Visa or Mastercard credit card.
  • Use PayNearMe at 7-Eleven, Family Dollar or CVS locations.
  • Use PayPal.
  • Use an online bank transfer.

As for taking money out of your Golden Nugget account, you also have plenty of options. They are as follows:

  • Have your winnings transferred to your Play+ account.
  • Get your winnings put into your PayPal account.
  • Sent to you via a bank transfer.
  • Delivered to you via a check in the mail. Note that if you decide to go this route, a minimum $300 withdrawal is required and there is between a two- and three-week wait time for processing.

And while it hasn’t been officially announced, it is almost a certainty that you also will be able to deposit and cash out at the Golden Nugget retail sportsbook locations.

How to contact Golden Nugget customer support

There are three choices for contacting Golden Nugget’s customer support team.

  • You can call them at 855-873-1010.
  • You can email them at [email protected].
  • You can have a live chat with them by scrolling to the bottom of the app or website and selecting the “live chat” function.

Responsible gaming at Golden Nugget Michigan

Another nice feature that just about all online sportsbooks have is the ability to make responsible gambling a priority. To that end, Golden Nugget Sportsbook gives you the ability to restrict how much time and money you are able to wager on the website or app.

You also are given the power to exclude yourself from the sportsbook for a definite or indefinite period of time.

It’s our opinion that sports betting should be considered a form of entertainment and not a means to support yourself financially or help pay off debts. And we are always happy to see companies that take the same approach.

Where is the Golden Nugget retail sportsbook?

The plan is to open a Golden Nugget retail sportsbook at the Ojibwa Casino in either Marquette or Baraga. As soon as official plans have been announced, we will let you know.
Here’s the info for the two casinos.

  • Casino: Ojibwa Casino Marquette
  • Address: 105 Acre Trail, Marquette, MI 49855
  • Phone: 906-249-4200
  • Website: www.ojibwacasino.com
  • Amenities: TBD
  • Betting: TBD
  • Hours: TBD
  • Opening: Early 2021
  • Casino: Ojibwa Casino Baraga
  • Address: 16449 Michigan Ave., Baraga, MI 49908
  • Phone: 906-353-6333
  • Website: www.ojibwacasino.com
  • Amenities: TBD
  • Betting: TBD
  • Hours: TBD
  • Opening: Early 2021

Is Golden Nugget the best sportsbook in Michigan?

While Golden Nugget has been successful in New Jersey, much of that comes on the online casino side. Not only is Golden Nugget Sportsbook fairly new to online sports betting, but as of this writing, Golden Nugget Online Gaming has professed its desire to focus on the online casino aspect of the business, with the sportsbook being secondary. Plus, there’s not a retail location yet.

So, as it stands right now, Golden Nugget online sportsbook has a ways to go to be considered one of the best sportsbooks.


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